Workshops:Body-Sound Connection

Workshops for violinists with experience

As a (studied, professional) musician, playing the violin can seem so obvious that it is hard sometimes to express in words for example what exactly it is that one does and feels in a down bow. Using many practical exercises and games, I invite participants to look within themselves. The objective is to refine, to analyze and to verbalize perception of one’s own body, position, movement. The typical problems that many players have, such as unstable sound, shaky bow, uncertain intonation and rhythm, too much tension in hands and arms leading to pain are, in my opinion, often the consequence of a lack of sensibility regarding one’s own body. If we, as teachers, could communicate the physical feeling of playing the violin, that would allow pupils to develop a richer sensory experience. And that can only be a good thing in the process of developing expressive ability in music.

I am very open to share my approach with colleagues and ambitious amateurs, and therefore I offer workshops that will focus on a number of issues:

  • the basics of attitude and physical position (Body-Sound Connection)
  • about listening
  • relaxation exercises and role plays for children and adults
  • games and exercises for sonic stability (bow), intonation and timing
  • first the piece, then the technique: how we can use pieces to teach music theory and technique
  • the role of the teacher and fellow player: guide, example, colleague

The Body-Sound Connection workshops are characterized by interaction. Ideas are actively practiced as much as possible. Participants gather practical suggestions and experiences that they can apply in their own practice. You can find more information on the content of the workshops under Approach, Beginners: children, Beginners: adults and Style Focus Klezmer/Jazz/Classical. For future reference, each participant receives a written summary of the material.

If you’re interested, send an email to,
you can also reach me on +49 163 17 68 446