Group lessons

Music is all about giving and taking. It is sharing and communication, and in most cases, it comes to playing it together with other people. Therefore, to take lessons in a group entails a number of special qualities. Group lessons are not just about musical, but also about social and personal skills. Also, pupils have the chance to learn from each other instead of just from the teacher.


To explore the world of sound and rhythm in a group of three or four, entails a wellspring of ways of playing together. Singing, walking, clapping and playing on our instrument, we can improve our feeling for timing, intonation, action and reaction- all while also learning to listen, lead, follow, indicate and support. In this way we develop the skill of musical imagination and empathic music making in a real playing situation.

Of course we are also still paying attention to technical details. To obtain the best possible learning effect, it is recommended that the group members have a similar level.

My group lessons are open to both adults and children, and will focus on:

  • interaction games
  • duo- and trio repertoire.
  • rhythmical training on the violin and with body percussion
  • technique: inner attitude and outer position

The lessons take place in Leipzig, in Reudnitz/Zentrum-Ost.

If you’re interested, send an email to,
you can also reach me on +49 163 17 68 446