I am happy that your search for a violin teacher has brought you to my website! No matter how much you already know about playing the violin, one thing is certain: it is a very complex matter, that will challenge your efficiency, attentiveness, endurance, sense of humour and your relationship to yourself and others. That means that you can look forward to an exciting and sometimes confronting adventure- an adventure extending far beyond managing the bow, four strings good ears and reading notes.

The reasons that people have to want to learn the violin are just as varied and personal as the future violinists are. In any case my assumption is that every motivated learner of the violin is not just fascinated by the sound of the instrument, but also by the effortless flow, the floating lightness and the spontaneous freedom of movement with which their idols play their instrument.

That brings us to the red thread in my teaching: the quest for unity between the sonic ideal and physical feeling with the goal of permanently being as relaxed as possible, and to play without unnecessary effort ( = Body-Sound Connection). When you can do that, the world of violin playing will open up to you.

As a teacher, I see myself in the first place as a guide in the learning process of my pupils to become better at listening to themselves. That means both listening to the sound of your own violin and the musical expression thereof, and listening to your own body.

Core themes: technique, attitude and musicality/music theory.


  • basic manipulation of the bow and instrument, bowing technique, fingering etc.
  • learning to recognize and correct one’s mistakes in position
  • mastering a solid and stable bowing
  • mastering an open and free fingering in the left hand
  • to recognize and correct wrong notes
  • to develop a feeling for the connection between sound and physical feeling
  • “Less is more”: using gravity instead of muscle power
  • when basic technique is there, everything is open concerning style (classical, jazz, folk, rock, pop, …)


  • to be friendly and patient with oneself
  • the search for effortlessness in what seems hard at first glance
  • the courage to be passive in action
  • working with images (sinking, floating, pushing, pulling, …)

Musicality/music theory

  • reading notes and all other symbols in scores
  • basic scales and key theory
  • rhythm training
  • learning to listen in detail to oneself and others
  • developing inner representation of sound
The lessons take place in Leipzig, Reudnitz.
Alina is a wonderful and remarkable teacher; she is attentive, creative and very skilled. Right from the start, I felt at ease and inspired to play. You can see, that she puts a lot of thought into the lessons. I can’t recommend her highly enough!!!

Wilhelmina, student, 2018