Halva is finest instrumental music covering various easterneuropean folk styles.

It’s debut album „Halva – The seweetest Klezmer Orchestra“ (2018) features New Yiddish Music by bandleader and violinist Nicolaas Cottenie. Most of the tunes are traditional Yiddish dance forms carrying a colourful combination of consonance and dissonance inspired by Greek and Hungarian fiddle bands, classical music and jazz. The main ingredient though, is klezmer music.

The second album „Dinner in Sofia“ (2020) musicaly moves avay from the traditional jewish dance forms towards romanian, ukranian, bulgarian and greek styles.

In Summer 2023 we plan to record our third studio album featuring even more south-eastern influences. Be surprised !

Halva: www.halvamusic.eu

Halva in action

To separate technique from emotion would be like separating body and soul.
Daniel Barenboim, pianist and conductor