Style focus Classical

It is impossible to separate the violin from classical music. Both composers and performers have pushed the limits of the instrument in expressing a myriad of emotions and virtuosity. The aesthetic standard demands extreme precision and clarity in performance, which has made classical violin technique the reference style in violin techniques. The music that emerges by combining different bowing techniques, trills, position changes, vibrato, runs etc. is simply breathtaking.

Because I have been lucky enough to receive a solid classical training, I am happy to guide you through this jungle of notes.

Core focus:

  • repertoire and the technical challenges it presents (important: first the piece, then the technique!)
  • training internal representation: how should it sound, what do I want to “say”?
  • attitude and position
Individual or group lessons with stylefocus take place in Leipzig, in Reudnitz/Zentrum-Ost.
Alina was the first person that looked at my violin playing as a whole and that could immediately tell where the problems were. By going back to the basics and solving some problems there, she has helped me to improve my sound and physical awareness enormously.
Marian, violin student – 2016, Gent