Style focus Jazz

Irresistible groovy… And above that, there is a universe of possibilities for improvisation. The fantastic combination of rhythmical stability, harmonic understanding and melodic expression makes jazz into a genre that can help us develop our musicianship enormously.

It is especially the solo’s, the improvisations, that challenge us. The fundamental questions are always: “Which story do I want to tell? How do I do that?” On the other hand, like with any style, there are a number of technical tricks that one has to learn. More to the point: a fitting use of ghost notes using bowing and fingering, accents, certain slides, and rhythmical and melodic phrasing.

Core focus:

  • repertoire (blues, swing, bossa, bebop, ballad, waltz, …)
  • bowing technique
  • fingering techniques
  • harmonic and scale training
  • rhythmical training
Individual or group lessons with stylefocus take place in Leipzig, in Reudnitz.
I’m crossing the bridge at the very moment I am designing it.
Stefano Bollani, jazz musician, pianist, singer, composer