Style focus Klezmer

Klezmer enchants- and most of all it enchants violinists. It is one of many traditional music styles that was developed through and with the violin. The sonic ideal, phrasing, ornamentation and tonalities of the entire genre are very much determined by the violin, which means that this music fits the fiddlers’ fingers very well.

Klezmer is often described as both melancholic and happy at the same time. With particular slides and thrills, in combination with a particular bowing technique, we can make the violin “sob”, “sigh”, “complain”, but we can also make it “rejoice” and “warble”, allowing it to convey a broad spectrum of emotions.

If Klezmer music thrilled you as it did me, I am happy to share my knowledge of style, repertoire and background. Because there is a lot more to discover than the game of melancholy and joy.

Core focus:

  • mastering the typical ornamentation using selected repertoire
  • mastering appropriate bowing
  • repertoire
  • background information about the origin and function of different subgenres (freylakhs, hora, terkish, kolomeyke, sirba, …
Individual or group lessons with stylefocus take place in Leipzig, in Reudnitz.
Alina’s approach is out-of-the-box. She helps you discover the importance of physical awareness and self-confidence and points out new ways of listening to yourself.
Anja, student, 2018