Dear parents,

I am happy that your search for a violin teacher for your child has brought you to my website. It makes me even happier if the wish to play violin comes from the child itself. That is the best thing that can happen to you!

Even if just thinking about having a wooden cat in the house soon makes you nervous, I want to comfort you: until now, none of my pupils has been in the squeaking and scratching phase for a long time. Depending on age and previous knowledge of music, we will sing, dance and clap a lot together. We will also use small percussion instruments on a regular basis. The violin in particular and music making in general is so much more than fast fingers and standing straight. Or, to put it differently: the broader the musical experiences of your child, the more varied will be his/her musical imagination and the faster the sound and feeling for timing will develop.

Core themes:

  • a lot of interaction: playing together, imitating, improvising
  • I help the pupil to correct him or herself. We think about what was good in what we just played, and what went less well, and what we could do to make it better next time.
  • Learning the correct position through games, relaxation exercises and role playing. The goal is to avoid a cramped and tense position from the start.
  • singing and playing well-known songs
  • to use the violin to accompany one’s own singing
  • playing by ear
  • rhythm training: with small percussion instruments, and by clapping, walking, stamping and jumping we learn different rhythms and time signatures
  • basic music theory concerning notes, keys, scales, chords and all other big and small symbols in music notation
The lessons take place in Leipzig, Reudnitz.
A good teacher won’t ask you to step into his house of wisdom. He’ll rather guide you at the doorstep of your own mind.
Khalil Gibran, painter, philosopher and poet